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Michel Bauwens
A summary of ECC2013 post-conference developments

Excerpted from David Bollier‘s post-conference message to participants:

In this letter, we want to share news about a few of these developments with you while alerting you to a few “housekeeping” details. We want to encourage you to carry on the energy of ECC2013 and deepen our forms of cooperation.

On Saturday 25, the steering committee, support group and a few ECC participants met to discuss “strategies to get from here to there.” We hare happy to share the results with you in a discussion summary, attached, in both pdf and Open Document format. We agreed on several paths forward and suggest them for further discussion:

A virtual global platform for the commons movement (for whomever identifies with) — developing collective sense making organs: commonsandeconomics.org/groups/virtual-global-platform-and-collective-sense-making/forum/

Discuss and map strategies to protect the commons: → commonsandeconomics.org/groups/strategies-to-protect-the-commons/forum/

Challenge market-fundamentalism by taking joint action against pending trade agreements → commonsandeconomics.org/groups/joint-action-on-market-fundamentalism/

More real life commonopolis (commons schools, festivals, deep dives) → commonsandeconomics.org/groups/real-life-commonopolis/forum/

Collect ideas and inputs for a future movement congress → commonsandeconomics.org/groups/ideas-for-a-commons-movement-congress/forum/

These are just some ideas, we are sure you wish to add/discuss, for doing so, please remember our online tools:

Our Twitter hashtag #4thecommons can continue to be used beyond the conference.

The P2P Foundation wiki at p2pfoundation.net/ECC2013 is continuing to collect and archive relevant material – so please send any material you wish to upload to Michel Bauwens at michel@p2pfoundation.net.

The most important tool for post-conference collaborations and documentation is our Communication Platform (commonsandeconomics.org/). The platform is now open to all. Everybody, including people who did not attend the conference, can register and post. We invite you to upload your blogposts, share you insights and perspectives from ECC2013, and inform yourself about the perspective of other participants on the conference. Please send any postings (in whatever language) to us and to Michel Bauwens at michel@p2pfoundation.net. Your contributions to the conference documentation can be found/shared and uploaded here: commonsandeconomics.org/groups/conference-documentation/

Our final report will be uploaded within two months.

The Communications Platform also contains videos of all of the keynotes and sessions that took place in the big auditorium. Furthermore you can find them on the youtube channel of hbf. www.youtube.com/user/boellstiftung (search for Economics and the Commons Conference)

Mailing Lists

After the International Commons Conference in 2010, a mailing list was created that we invite ECC participants to join. Just register at: Commoning@lists.wissensallmende.de

Or go to lists.wissensallmende.de/mailman/listinfo/commoning. This is quickly done and will connect you with other commoners who may not have attended ECC. Conversation on the list is in English.

This brings us to another point: Obviously commons and commoning have to be discussed from different starting points, different contexts and in different languages. This is an ongoing challenge that we hope to explicitly address in the next event.

Building a Commons Database

We are committed to expanding our database on commons-oriented or -influenced economics, and therefore ask for your continued assistance in suggesting or contributing content. In particular, we ask for your help with the following databases and any contextual or regional knowledge that you may have:

A dictionary of commons economics terms

to be updated at: p2pfoundation.net/ABC_of_Commons_Economics

A bibliography on commons economics

updated for books here at: p2pfoundation.net/Books_on_Commons_Economics, and for articles at p2pfoundation.net/Articles_on_Commons_Economics

A collection of multimedia materials

updated for audio material here at: p2pfoundation.net/Audio_Podcasts_on_Commons_Economics ; and for video at p2pfoundation.net/Videos_on_Commons_Economics

Suggestions for indepth profiles of pioneering researchers

Please send your suggestions to Michel Bauwens at michel@p2pfoundation.net

Several New Initiatives

We wish to point you to four commons initiatives that may be of interest. The first is a Spanish language documentary film project that seeks to co-construct a new (Latin American) narrative on the commons. More at: visionescomunes.org.

The second, in English, is the Commons Abundance Network, or CAN, where you can share your interests and needs through networking, learning and sharing, at commonsabundance.net

The third initiative, in German, is Commonopolis, a new platform where German-speaking commoners are invited to add their projects, documents and whatever they wish to the map: www.commonopolis.de/index.php/Commonopolis

The fourth initiative, for the French speaking countries, is “Villes en Biens Communs,” a platform launched to prepare a series of events and activities commons-oriented at the urban level in October 2013: villes.bienscommuns.org

When more information is available about the Remix the Commons video interviews of commoners, we will share that with you. We also hope to have a formal conference report by early August.

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